Hidden Room

This is the second book in the series. The setting is a small, prairie town. In this book Bess is back in school. It is a one room school and there are four students in her class. On a field trip they find an abanded dog and her puppies. Miss Grayson takes them to visit Miss Prate’s ; the local artist, home and studio to ask for help with the dogs. She looks after them on the condition that the students find homes for the puppies. Miss Grayson sets up athletic and  improvement committee’s. The students run  them and organize a sports day. Miss Grayson supervises the activities and gives advice when needed.

Megan’s dad discovers a hidden room in their house. He takes the suitcases, trunk, diary and papers over to Bess. Megan and Bess go through the suitcases and the trunk. Bess reads through the diary looking for clues. Clues also turn up in unexpected places. The girls find the hidden door while playing in the yard.

The girls start to think about what they want to do when they grow up. In the middle of the year some new people move into town. The twin boys are in their grade and turn things upside down at school. The boys settle down after a while when they realize they won’t get away with anything.

Bess is glad when spring finally arrives again and she can go out into the garden. School is finished for the year and everyone is promoted to a new grade.


About mhembroff

I am a graduate student from Ashworth college. I am an artist and belong to a local art club. I am a member of The Writers Guild of Alberta, fighting book worm in the write4kids cbic clubhouse and member of The SCBWI and attend local workshops whenever I can.
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