I have book shelves full of books. There are some I have read but there are a lot that I haven’t yet. When I see a new book on sale I often get it. This is especially true when it is a favorite author. I often revert back to some of my favorite childhood books as well. The biggest problem is that once I start a good book I simply can’t put it down and never get anything else done. I have always loved reading since I was a small child. I have always wanted to have a room that was a dedicated library. That never happened but I do have a section of my living room where I have two large bookshelves full of books. I have a wide variety of books from the old classics to historic novels.

I have obtained a few reference books that help me with the writing process as well. These I keep near my computer so that they are handy when I need to look something up. Of course there is the very valuable dictionary and thesaurus and books on grammar.

My head can be often full of new ideas for writing stories but I think the hard part is the editing. This is the process that I hate but it is a necessary part of writing. Sometimes I just have to take a break from the editing process and look at something new to write.Sometimes I simply read a story, start a book and take a much-needed break.There are times when I go make cookies or take my dog for a walk. I have many stories, picture books and chapter books that are in various stages.  I often flip back and forth between them so that I don’t risk memorizing the story content. Then when I go back I see the mistakes I missed the first time though. My first novel is getting close to being completed.


About mhembroff

I am the author of Bess's Magical Garden, a middle grade novel and picture book Gramma Mouse Tells a Story. I am the member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Writers Guild of Alberta and Rave Reviews Book Club. My series The Ghostly Encounters and other short stories can be found on, listed in the short story section. I have been an avid reader since early childhood and has always been imaginative. It wasn't until my children were growing up that I started taking writing classes and put my creations onto paper. When I'm not writing I like to paint, draw, work in the garden and spend time with my pets and family.
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  1. wow, first novel nearing completion 🙂
    Here’s me wishing you good luck

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