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I saw a posting the other day where she or he asked if animals have a life after death. I believe that they do and I have a story to back up my claim.

It starts with Benji our cocker spaniel. He lived to  a ripe old age of eighteen. He spent his last two or three years  with me,as he couldn’t go on long runs anymore. In the end his internal organs were starting to shut down. I had to put him down. That was the hardest thing I have ever done. To keep him alive would have been pure selfishness on my part.It took me awhile to get over loosing him and wasn’t sure that I wanted to have another dog. The opportunity came for me to adopt another cocker spaniel. She was a blond, sweet little dog with a kind, loving personality. I had a dream that Benji came to me and said it was alright and that I should look after this little dog. Her name was Tara and was a little princess. In my dream I saw a shadowy outline of Benji and he was running with his big ears flapping. We did take Tara and she adopted me right away. I became her person. She was a faithful companion. Later when I had to work during the daytime she was always waiting for me at the door. Her little face would always be in the window. I often felt guilty leaving her at home all the time but I had no choice. I had her for a few years. The time went by so quickly. I got her when she was four years old. Then one day she suddenly got sick. When I let her outside that last time she just laid down  which was something she rarely did. She was an indoor dog and didn’t like to stay outside. I had to go help her inside as she didn’t have the strength to make it up the stairs on her own. We took her to the vet right away but there wasn’t anything they could do. She made it through the night but was fading rapidly. There was that smell that animals get when their bodily functions are shutting down. I had to put her down.

When she was passing out of this world into the next I called on Benji to look after her. For years I have felt that Benji’s spirit was here with me off and on. One after noon I had a dream or a vision that Tara came to me to tell me that she was okay but she had to go. I saw two cocker  spaniels running with their ears flapping. I have never sensed either dogs presence since. I think Benji knew that Tara was going to need him.

I have another small dog now. He isn’t a cocker though. I couldn’t bear to have another cocker for some reason or other. Odie isn’t a replacement for either Benji or Tara. Those two dogs will always have a special place in my heart.



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