where did summer go

It is the second day of September and I am wondering where summer went. It seems it just arrived and in a blink of an eye it is gone. It always seems that as soon as September arrives and school starts that the weather automatically changes. We did have more warm weather than we did last year but some things forgot to grow. Once they did get going along came a hail storm that battered everything.The plants looked like swiss cheese. It hailed so bad that the radio or tv couldn’t be heard. At times it almost sounded like it was inside. My cats dove for cover under the couch and bed. I can’t blame them. It was very scary. After a while the garden plants started to perk up again when along came a second hail storm  worse than the first. There were  hail stones almost the size of tennis balls. Most of the garden looked like it had been put through a paper shredder. Then we did have some nice weather for a while but it was too late for some things especially tomatoes. The one thing that fared well this summer was my roses. They seem to be hardy enough and sheltered enough that the hail didn’t seem to affect them at all.

Fall is a time of new beginnings school starts up again for another year. The art club meetings start-up again. We then meet up with friends that we haven’t seen all summer. It is also the end of the gardening season. Soon the leaves will start turning color and falling and the cleanup begins. Once it starts to cool off at night it is easier to get a goods nights sleepl

Every spring I start out with enthusiasm as the tulips start coming up. Once the first robin is sighted it is a sure sign that spring is here.There is an impatience to get the flower beds cleaned up and the search begins for plants that are coming back again. They are almost like old friends. One has to be careful not to start clearing away the winter cover to soon as there are always late frosts and snow. Some plants come back later than others so it is best to be patient and not dig around too much disturbing roots. Spring is always my favorite time of the year.

When fall comes around I am usually ready to let everything go to their winter sleep. I always resolve to do a better job the next season. There are always a few plants that have gone straggly and some weeds that have hidden underneath the bushy plants. At the end of October I sigh  with relieve but by November I start to dream about what I will do next season

A few days ago I awoke to the sound of birds chirping. There was a flock of starling gathered on the front lawn. They stayed there for a long time and flew back and forth. It was a pleasant sight. There have also been times when I saw a bunch of robins gathered there.

Earlier this summer I had a baby robin sit on my finger. The little one looked so trusting as I put him a branch on a near by bush out of harms way. I had been taking my dog for a walk at the time. The robins often come into my back yard to feast on raspberries. One year when my son was out picking raspberries when a robin swooped down and took a raspberry out of his hand. My oldest daughter often released baby robins into the raspberry patch. People would bring them into the animal emergency clinic where she worked. It was a safe place for them with lots to eat.

This does almost bring another garden season to the end. Soon everyone one will be planning for Halloween and them before you know it Christmas will have come and gone and a new year will be around the corner once again.

With all the problems with extreme weather and floods worse than have been seen in a hundred years one has to wonder what the next year will bring. Some small towns have left their dikes up just in case but have continued the cleanup and are rebuilding.

I haven’t been blogging very long and sometimes I find it difficult to come up with fresh material. I started out writing about my books but I can only write so much about them and try to find something else to write about.


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3 Responses to where did summer go

  1. Spring is my favourite time of year! It’s so interesting that your school year starts in Spring! As here in South Africa, ours begins in January and ends in December:) -Nice blog!

    • mhembroff says:

      You must of misread as the school year starts in September not spring. I reread my own blog to make sure I didn’t make a mistake. It could be the way I wrote it that confused you. It is interesting that school can start at different times of the year in different countries. There is something very sad about fall but it is also a beginning in some ways. Spring has always been my favourite time of year partly as my birthday is in spring.

  2. inkspeare says:

    I love the changes that each season brings. My favorite is Autumn, followed by winter. My least favorite is Summer; however I grew up in a tropical island, where season changes are not very marked. Maybe that is why I love these changes so much.

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