I want to thank everyone for their encouraging comments. It means a great deal.

Here is a good book for developing plot and story line. I have been using Nancy Dodd’s book The Writers Compass.  This book aids you in starting your story outline and developing characters. I got it through Chapters. You might also find it on Amazon.

She has a check list for getting a more in-depth look at your characters and several pages of questions. I find the book helpful.

If you are the type of person who likes putting together charts and such this is the book for you. Even if you aren’t there are a lot of useful information in developing characters, plots and obstacles. It depends on whether you are a right or left brained person.

She also using 5×5 cards to write scenes on. That way you can switch things around easily. Hopefully this will eliminate as many rewrites.

She suggests  making a story board to help visualize the back ground and characters. Most of the time I can visualize everything but there are times when I find a visual aid helpful. I think my artist background does help. I can sometimes visualize pictures in my mind and usually the  words follow. Sometimes the words come first and then I can paint a picture in my mind. If you prepare a collage of collected pictures of what you want your landscape to look like you can then blend them throughout your story.

In a Children’s Book Insider, newsletter it said to add description throughout the story. This helps break up the scenes a bit and makes it easier to visualize things as you go along. I like to dream up scenes that I would like to see. It can be fun dreaming up your own world.


The red roses were blooming again and the marigolds were a mass of yellow blooms. The picnic table on the patio was covered with a red, gingham table cloth and the plates were under a white tea towel to keep the flies off. The apple tree was covered with rosy, red apples ready to be picked

Some of my stories are for children but there are others for adults. I like to switch back and forth depending on the subject matter.


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