Hidden Meaning in Song Stories

I was trying to think of a blog topic when I heard Opra say something about the deeper meaning in the words of some songs. It made me wonder if there is a hidden meaning in some song stories. There might have been a message that the writer of the song intended. It could also depend on the mood the writer was in when he or she wrote the song. A lot of songs do have stories but are they anything more than stories. Some could possibly be while others are simply stories set to music. Some of these stories can solve some of life’s problems. Some of them are written in layers for those who can hear them. There are a lot of times we hear the songs but we aren’t really listening to them. There is a song about a gambler. The line, know when to fold them, could apply to many other things other than gambling. You have to know when to change direction or let things go. There are songs can that easily be applied to your own life. I have always thought Reba’s song “Because of You” was meant for me. It expressed how I felt at times.

Sometimes we listen to music but don’t really hear the lyrics at all. When we have haeard a song for a long time we tend to quit listening to it carefully. It then becomes part of the background.

There are many different types of music from sad to very upbeat tunes. Sometimes music can bring back memories good and bad. Sometimes people can’t stand certain types of music because it brings back things they would rather forget. Some music can be very suggestive while some songs almost brain wash a person if you listen to the song continually. Sometimes the mood you are in can reflect on the type of music you listen to.

Some artists and writers have certain types of music they listen to that helps them create. For others it can be a distraction. Background music can help set the mood for the piece you are working on.


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