work in progress

Sorry about not posting lately but I have been working on my books Bess’s Magical Garden and Whistling Pines.

I had sent Bess’s Magical Garden into a professional reader who sent me back four pages of helpful types. I then did a lot of rewriting before a friend read it and gave me some more helpful advise. Finally I gave it to her for further editing and she just returned it to me yesterday.

In the meantime I started some more revising on Whistling Pines and am now through about the fifth revision. Then Lois is going t read through it and edit it as well.

If nothing else I will be getting good at the rewriting which is what is all about.

In a while I will write a summary on both books and post them so you will know what the books are about.



About mhembroff

I am a graduate student from Ashworth college. I am an artist and belong to a local art club. I am a member of The Writers Guild of Alberta, fighting book worm in the write4kids cbic clubhouse and member of The SCBWI and attend local workshops whenever I can.
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