There are four projects I am working on at present. I have been doing illustrations for a picture book Grandma Mouse Tells a Story. I now certainly see why it can take up to two years or longer to publish a picture book. I started doing illustrations last fall and there are still at least ten more to do.I also illustrated a couple of small books for a friend which started me on that path.A lot of my paintings have been along those lines for many years. It is just a matter of finding the right resource material.

I had set aside my two books that I have been working on for a while. It was suggested that I write stories on my own ancestors. Then I started reading family history more carefully looking at Jacob Smith and Mary Powell as characters and started to see them as people. I then started researching Upper Canada to get an idea of how they would have lived. I have now started to write a fictional novel that starts in Ireland, voyage to Upper Canada and immigration and settling in. I have written the first draft of the first book as now I feel it will be more than one book. I have now set it aside for now as I have to do the final revisions of Annabelle and Jessica of Whistling Pines Ranch. This is a story of two girls that lose their parents and two brothers in a tragic house fire. Their older brother is living a way from home at the time and their older sister is visiting her future in-laws. Annabelle and Jessica are invited to visit their great-aunt for the weekend and then were going to visit their grandparents ranch with their sister Ester Sue, mother and brothers. The girls grow up on their grandparents ranch where their aunt, uncle and cousins also live. This novel takes place in the later 1940’s just at the end of world war one and ends during the late 1960’s , early 1970’s.

I am now doing the final revisions and am doing four chapters a week. There are over two hundred pages in total. I have heard from various sources that it is a good idea to set projects aside for a while and it is a good idea. I am now finding that I am more detached now and can go through it more objectively. Once I have done these revisions I will do some more work on Bess’s Magical Garden which someone else read for me and made some suggestions.

At that time I will start to research publishing houses that are mainly Canadian at first.

About mhembroff

I am the author of Bess's Magical Garden, a middle grade novel, The Mystery of the Hidden cabin which is the sequel to Bess's Magical Garden and picture book Gramma Mouse Tells a Story. I am the member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Writers Guild of Alberta. My series The Ghostly Encounters and other short stories can be found on, listed in the short story section. I have been an avid reader since early childhood and has always been imaginative. It wasn't until my children were growing up that I started taking writing classes and put my creations onto paper. When I'm not writing I like to paint, draw, work in the garden and spend time with my pets and family.
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