Why do I write?

Good question. Sometimes I think I’m crazy to write but it is a necessary piece of the puzzle that makes me a whole person. It is a love hate situation. There are times when I hate to write and will do everything else but write. My day often starts off at the computer working on one project or other. Even if I don’t have a project there is still the compulsion to write so that is when I do a lot of my blogging. Creating is something I have always felt compelled to do ever since my early childhood.

Staring at a blank screen or a blank piece of paper can be intimidating but once there are a few notes written it can start things off.

It is the same with art work. Both art work and writing are therapeutic and can help release pent-up emotions that would stay buried deep inside.

I think mainly why I write is because it is what I am meant to do. The stories have always been whirling around in my head but they never made any sense when they finally reached the paper. Finally as I grew older I learned to get out of my own way. Then with reading books on writing techniques and practicing what I was reading the magic started to happen. Writing is a full-time job which can be frustrating and also rewarding especially when you finally see your name and story in a magazine.

I do know that I am doing exactly what I was meant to do at this stage in my life. I now live in a quite small town that has lots of scope for the imagination.


About mhembroff

I am a graduate student from Ashworth college. I am an artist and belong to a local art club. I am a member of The Writers Guild of Alberta, fighting book worm in the write4kids cbic clubhouse and member of The SCBWI and attend local workshops whenever I can.
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