Are past Christmas’s better?

When I start thinking back into my childhood Christmas was much simpler than it is today. Was it better? Maybe it was.  Our school was a one room red brick one with twenty to twenty five students. As soon as exams were finished practice for the concert began. A stage was erected where the teachers desk had been and we spent all our time preparing for the concert and playing indoor games. School was always out about a week and a half before Christmas with the concert on the last day.

Christmas hadn’t gone as commercial as it is today. My dad would go into the nearby village and get the tree about a week before Christmas. He always got ginger ale as a Christmas treat. The rest of the year we never had pop of any kind. A couple of days before Christmas the tree would be brought in and decorated. They were always small trees but each one was special. Presents were never put under the tree until Christmas eve.

Each Christmas we would go to my aunts for Christmas dinner and my aunt and family would have New Years dinner at our house. We would gather around the piano and sang Christmas carols while my aunt played. Of course we always ate to much turkey and played many different games.

Christmas has changed a lot over the years and it can be a stressful time of year. There are a lot of people who hate Christmas for reasons of their own. I have always tried to keep it as stress free as possible. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if all the trimmings are up and everything is perfect. It is a good time to sit down with your family and share dinner and memories. As soon as Halloween is over the Christmas decorations go up in all the stores and sometimes Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations are side by side in the stores.

Christmas can be complicated or a peaceful time of the year. I guess it depends how you want to spend it.

I hope you have a happy Christmas and a profitable new year.


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