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Shattered Glass, Part two

A dog barking in the distance brought her mind back to the present. With a sigh she closed her suitcases, overnight case and picked up her shoulder bag and headed towards the stairs. There was a bus leaving in two hours. It would … Continue reading

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Shattered Glass, Part one

Shattered Glass Part one Annette’s hands shook as she jammed clothes into the large brown suitcase. She took deep breaths as she looked at the wood paneled walls that felt like they were closing in. Her footsteps were muffled, in … Continue reading

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Follow me on Twitter

If you want to follow me. I now have a twitter link. I also have an author page on Amazon the link is: Thank you in advance if you decide to follow me.

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Writers Helper

Have you ever struggled with finding the right emotions for your characters? I found three books that help with this problem. They are written by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. both of these authors have published other books. They got … Continue reading

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cat in book

Originally posted on Margie's Creations:
One of Morris’s favorite spots on the couch When I was looking for a cat to model my book cat, Pumpkin, from I looked no further than my own cat Morris. The idea of…

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