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Have you ever struggled with finding the right emotions for your characters?

I found three books that help with this problem. They are written by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. both of these authors have published other books. They got together and wrote these books  after talking to several writers and decided there was a need for them.

The books are The Emotional Thesaurus, The Negative Trait Thesaurus and The Positive Trait Thesaurus. There is a detailed write up in each book on how to use these emotions in your writing. These traits are all listed in an alphabetical index. Reading through the suggestions are meant as a means to help you brainstorm and triggers your imagination.

These are books I would recommend for your writers library and can be purchased on Amazon.



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I am a graduate student from Ashworth college. I am an artist and belong to a local art club. I am a member of The Writers Guild of Alberta, fighting book worm in the write4kids cbic clubhouse and member of The SCBWI and attend local workshops whenever I can.
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