Review for Murder in White Lace

Murder in White Lace by Karen Sue Walker

Max moved back to her hometown when her mom became ill. She stayed after her mom passed away to help her dad deal with everything. Max lives in a one-bedroom apartment over her dad’s garage.

Her job at the bridal boutique wasn’t her dream job. She gets a job offer that would take her back to New York. After thinking about it she decides to accept the job and hopes it will lead to a job as a dress designer in a few years.

It was an ordinary work day with a late appointment with Jennifer, a difficult client, to try on her wedding gown one last time. Jennifer starts to feel ill and wants more water and when Max comes back with the water Jennifer is,laying on the floor, unconscious. She loosens the ties of the gown and phones 911.

Max is warned not to get involved but can’t resist her natural tendencies to check out the clues especially after her friend is arrested and charged with murder. She keeps asking questions even after receiving a death threat in a note that is slid under the door. It was impossible to figure out who committed the crime even though Max crossed  suspects off  her list. Right at the end the murderer is revealed.

This book reminds me of the TV series Murder She Wrote. In Murder in White Lace it is Max who solves the case and figures out the mistake the murderer made. I found it difficult to stop reading because the author had me hooked from the first paragraph. This is a must read for anyone who likes mysteries. The book has a cosy home town feel.

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