Review for The Heirs of Light

The Throne of Light (The Heirs of Light Volume 1)

by Bonmedo Tambunan

This is a book about good fighting evil and if you are a Harry Potter fan and like tales about fantasy you will enjoy it.

When Tiara Lady Magdalene and Abbess Mirell are threatened by the curse of darkness the people of two powerful kingdoms are worried about an all out war. The two ladies are gradually losing their strength and their magic is fading.

When members of the other kingdom are visiting the four teenagers start exploring the castle. They hear voices calling them towards a storage room that hasn’t been used for years. In the storage room the Light Priestess Luscia makes herself visible to the teenagers and they find a white wand that turns into a dove.The teenagers, Dorin, Antessa, Kara and Gerome are heirs to the throne of light. Priestess Luscia was killed in the last battle between the Kingdom Of Light and KIngdom of Darkness. The Kingdom of Light won that war but there were high costs in that victory.

Dorin, Antessa, Kara and Gerome are sent on a mission to wake Amore the white swan and Pietas the giant white deer. Their mission is to activate the Temple of Light once more. Without the Temple of Light the Temple of Darkness has gotten stronger. They are met with many obstacles  that threaten their lives.

The war begins and the army of light’s hopes lie with the teenagers waking the sleeping swan and deer and activating the throne of light once more.

This is a book I downloaded from Story Cartel. I also have my middle grade novel Bess’s Magical Garden posted on their site. If you have wondered how to obtain a free copy of my book this is your opportunity to do so. My book will only be posted there for approximately ten days.  So act now. Get a copy of my book and post reviews. Thank you very much. Here is the link.

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