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KEEP THE BEST FOR LAST: Backloading Technique by Rayne Hall

Originally posted on Writer's Gallery:
BACKLOADING TECHNIQUE Here is a nifty technique to give your writing style more impact: Structure your sentences so the most powerful word comes at the end. The last word touches the reader’s psyche more…

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Among the Earliest Printed Books: Incunabula

Originally posted on Kristen Twardowski:
When people think of the early days of book printing, they often remember Johannes Gutenberg and his first complete book, The Gutenberg Bible (1455). However other books were also published around this time. Before the year…

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The Truth About Irish Mythology

Give this a read if you are interested in Irish folk tales.

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Gran’s Surprise

Teresa sat cross-legged on the braided rug, with a photo   album open on her lap, humming along with the radio. The grandfather clock in the hallway chimed the hour as she turned the pages. Fluffy, a white Persian cat, snuggled beside … Continue reading

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Happy Caturday — basket case edition

Originally posted on bluebird of bitterness:
Who can resist these cute cat poses. bluebird of bitterness View original post

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Ghostly Writes Anthology: The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage – October 2016 via Plaisted Publishing

Originally posted on Jane Risdon:
Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016 Ghostly Writes Anthology Published by  Plaisted Publishing House                   31st October 2016 ***** My short story: The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage. by Jane Risdon…

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For All Cat Lovers

Originally posted on Have We Had Help?:
In the world of the domestic cat, the one thing that is guaranteed to get you in trouble in the neighbourhood is the name your human owner gives you. Hobson opened his eyes,…

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Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
I was not there. I did not see the blood and gore Or know the terror Of a war. * I did not grieve When friends were lost Or mourn the maimed…

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Smorgasbord Short Stories – Julia by Patricia K. Salamone

Originally posted on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine:
I am delighted to welcome Patricia Salmone, author of The Italian Thing, with a short story that takes us on a journey through an elderly  woman’s life to a place where dreams can come…

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Ghostly Writes

Originally posted on Magic Reviews:
Presented by Plaisted Publishing House A horror-filled Halloween collection of short stories. ? Ghostly Writes Anthology is the first of a yearly anthology and will be released as close to 31st October as an eBook…

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