Review for Tangled in Time.

Tangled in Time by Angela Castillo

This is a Story Cartel book that I received for free in exchange for a review.

Darcy has inherited her Grans antique store called Tangled in Time in the small town of Wimber, Texas. She had a rough day with delayed flights and then problems with obtaining her rental car. Finally, she reaches her destination but feels hesitant about going in. She meets the owner of the cafe next door and likes her right off. Darcy has left her old life behind which includes her boyfriend. Her boyfriend keeps texting and calling her and is persistent when she doesn’t answer his calls or return his texts.

Darcy reconnects with an old boyfriend Ramsey and realizes she still has feeling for him and that they might have much more in common than she realized at first. She goes to a barbecue at his parent’s home and it brings back good childhood memories.

Darcy starts to get threats and then inspectors start turning up. They told her complaints have been submitted to them. There is a locked door and Darcy can’t find the key. The door could be the key to what is going on. What is behind that locked door? Darcy is given two weeks to find the key and open the door. Darcy intensifies the search for the key with Ramsey’s help.

Darcy is determined to stay and keep the shop open despite the opposition. She meets other shop owners and attends their monthly meeting where she receives lots of support and encouragement.

This book is an easy read and a good book to settle down with on a rainy day. It is a cozy mystery with romance mixed in. Tangled in Time can be enjoyed by all ages.



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