Artists Statement

I inherited my art talent from an ancestor, who was a print maker. His talent has been passed down through the generations. Various family members display different forms of creativity from painting backdrops for plays, cartooning, dressmaking and paintings.

Growing up in a rural area helped to develop my imagination and taught me to appreciate the beauty in my mother’s flowerbeds and surrounding landscape. I went on many nature walks on the farm and on class outings. Walking home from school always cleared the mind to dream. My imagination helped to create many new activities out of a few simple objects and a creative way to solve problems.

I have always been an avid reader and could visualize the characters in books. I grew up before television became a form of entertainment. Free time was spent reading or exploring the nooks and crannies of the farm. One time I drew a picture of the Purple People Eater from the song. Life would be pretty dull if there wasn’t scope for the imagination.

Many emotions are expressed in my paintings that would otherwise remain buried inside. A lot of times artwork has been therapeutic for me; helping through many difficult times by releasing built up tensions and emotions. There has always been an inner force that drives me to create paintings, resulting in a feeling of serenity. In later years, as an artist, my love of animals and nature has been expressed in sketches and paintings using photo’s as a reference. My own animals are often a source of inspiration.

All the workshops and classes I have taken over the years have helped me grow as an artist. I have always taken something new from each one and learned how to apply it to my work. Even though I have tried different techniques I usually revert back to doing acrylic paintings.


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