Cat in Bess’s Magical Garden

morrisThis is the cat that I used for Bess’s Magical Garden. He was a kind, affection and people loving cat. A lot of the things Bess’s cat, Pumpkin, did were things Morris also did from time to time. He was always laying on my papers or waiting to get on my lap for a cuddle. He was always purring. Unfortunately he had a urinary tract illness that led to blockage.He was on a special diet and was taking medication but nothing I tried helped in the end. I had to rush him into the vet one weekend and at first the vet was optimistic. On Sunday they took all the tubes out to see if he could pee on his own but that night he blocked again. My son and I went to the clinic Monday morning and I put him down.  That was over three months ago and there are times when I still miss him. He will live on in Bess’s Magical Garden and in the sequel the Mystery of the Hidden Door. I will be sending the sequel to an editor next January for proofreading and copy editing. I have his picture on the computer in several places and they will remain there.