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Even the Birds Don’t Sing

I walked along the narrow path that twisted and turned through the dense forest. The sun filtered through the trees and the meadow was just ahead. I hummed as I looked at the colorful wildflowers and bright green ferns. A … Continue reading

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Watch “RWISA” Write Showcase Tour/ Jonie Parker

On The Air by Joni Parker Good afternoon, this is Mike Evans at iFantasy talk radio in Tucson, Arizona where we love to talk about science fiction and fantasy. Thanks for joining me today. We have a very special guest … Continue reading

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Watch “RWISA” Write showcase tour/ Amy Reece

Crazy Cat Lady Cat Sitter Needed $50 Cash——One Night Only Apply in Person 653 Silverwood Ln Apt B Rita looked from the folded newspaper to the small adobe duplex in front of her. Well, here goes. My chances of getting … Continue reading

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Write Showcase Tour/Michelle Abbott

The 136 by Michelle Abbott I can do this. I can make it. Wet hair plastered to my head, gasping, I propel myself toward my target. The 136 bus. My heel catches on a crack in the pavement. My ankle … Continue reading

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Rave Reviews Book Club’s “Spotlight” Author Blog Tour Spotlight Author, Wendy Scott

  Why I wrote Lodestone. After I finished writing Ferrasium, Book 1 of the Windflowers Trilogy, which is reminiscent of an Ancient Egyptian culture, I wanted to explore a more traditional fantasy setting. A medieval influence with witches, forest, and … Continue reading

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