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Watch “RWISA” Write Showcase Tour/ Jonie Parker

On The Air by Joni Parker Good afternoon, this is Mike Evans at iFantasy talk radio in Tucson, Arizona where we love to talk about science fiction and fantasy. Thanks for joining me today. We have a very special guest … Continue reading

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New Family Member

To anyone who doesn’t know who I am I am Patches the cat. A few months ago we lost Morris an orange and white cat. The human has been sad for a long time. I miss him as well. Well, … Continue reading

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Review for Jug Valley Mysteries, Boys V. Girls by Anne Digby

This is a Story Cartel Book that I got free in exchange for a review. I liked this book because it took me back to the carefree days of my childhood. This story takes place in the town of Jugminister … Continue reading

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Honey Suckle Cottage, Part 2

The only sounds were the clicking of her heels on the cobble stone walk, twittering birds and the soft sound of dripping water from the tree branches. Princess strained on the lease when a squirrel scolded over their heads.  “No … Continue reading

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Honey Suckle Cottage, Part one

Marie rested her head on the steering wheel and stared up at the overhead sign with the name O’Bryan in bold letters. The black paint was chipped and worn in spots with a greenish patina. Her feet crunched in the … Continue reading

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