Review for The Land Without Color

The Land Without Color by Benjamin Ellefson

Illustrated by Kevin Cannon

The story begins with Brandon and his friends. One of Brandon’s buddies purchased a roll of string and hooks so they decide to go fishing. When they reach the fishing spot they discover none of them have anything to cut the string. Brandon’s Grandpa lives nearby so the kids follow Brandon there.

Grandpa Alvin shows them the pocket knife his grandpa gave him on his twelfth birthday.  The knife had a large knife blade, mini saw, a screwdriver bit, a can opener, a corkscrew, small chisel and a small magnifying glass. Grandpa Alvin tells the story about the adventure he had and how the knife had helped him escape some sticky situations.

This is a delightful story that allows the reader to become completely immersed in the story. This is a suitable tale for all kids who like to escape into a fantasy world for a little while.

The author is a natural storyteller and the illustrations help bring the characters to life.