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New Family Member

To anyone who doesn’t know who I am I am Patches the cat. A few months ago we lost Morris an orange and white cat. The human has been sad for a long time. I miss him as well. Well, … Continue reading

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The Secret Hiding Spot, part two

Teresa and Katie made many trips back and forth and soon had their little nest organized before Grannie called them for supper. Teresa entered the steamy kitchen that smelled of corn, potatoes, fresh bread and roast chicken. “Oh yum. My … Continue reading

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The Secret Hiding Spot, part one

Teresa clattered down the uncarpeted stairs and dashed towards the kitchen that smelled of bacon, eggs, toast and coffee. She slid onto the smooth bench behind the square oak table beside Katie. “Move over.” Katie fiddled with a loose thread … Continue reading

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The Masked Raider, Part two

Heidi  squinted when she went into the dimly lite barn. Beams of sunlight streamed through the cracks in the boards and illuminated the straw. She paused at the goats stalls. The gate creaked when she entered Queens stall. “How’s it going?” She … Continue reading

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cat in book

When I was looking for a cat to model my book cat, Pumpkin, from I looked no further than my own cat Morris. The idea of the cat in Bess’s Magical Garden came from the time my oldest daughter adopted … Continue reading

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Cat in Bess’s Magical Garden

My cat Morris was part of my inspiration for Pumpkin Bess’s cat in Bess’s Magical Garden. Pumpkin is a combination of Morris and Goofy a cat my oldest daughter adopted when we were renovating our small bungalow. Goofy was a … Continue reading

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Bess’s Magical Garden

This is the picture that is on the cover of  my book Bess’s Magical Garden. It is available in hard cover, soft cover and e-book. It can be purchased at http://www.friesenpress.com/bookstore/title/ and will be availble on Amazon soon. Synopsis Bess’s … Continue reading

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