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After the flood

This is an acrylic painting I did just after the Alberta flood. That spring my daughter and her friends had camped out in my living room when they were told to evacuate. When they left their place they just barely … Continue reading

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Afternoon thoughts

It is a sunny Sunday afternoon. The sunshine is welcome after the rain a couple of days ago. It is starting to look like fall as the leaves are turning color already. I was sitting here staring at the blank … Continue reading

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Are past Christmas’s better?

When I start thinking back into my childhood Christmas was much simpler than it is today. Was it better? Maybe it was.  Our school was a one room red brick one with twenty to twenty five students. As soon as exams were … Continue reading

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Road Trip

The old farm house I grew up in wasn’t very big which makes me wonder how we all fit inside. The main floor consisted of a spacious kitchen and living room. In the early years the upstairs consisted of a … Continue reading

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Dear Sixteen

How are you doing? Have you accomplished the things you set out to do? You were so innocent and naïve. Have you learned to identify the difference between your dreams and the reality in the world you were unfamiliar with. … Continue reading

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The Last Hurrah

Forlorn Amber Fielddale stood beside Mrs. Hobbs in the family pew. She watched as family and neighbors came down the aisle. Amber’s legs suddenly felt like jelly and she sat down with a thud. A shudder went through her, as her attention went from … Continue reading

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Change, change, change

What is your favorite season? There is something I like about each season. I have always looked forward to spring.  This year I started from scratch because there wasn’t a garden plot or any flowers in the yard. I got a little … Continue reading

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