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Why do I write?

Good question. Sometimes I think I’m crazy to write but it is a necessary piece of the puzzle that makes me a whole person. It is a love hate situation. There are times when I hate to write and will do … Continue reading

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Our summer was a warm one for a change with temperatures in the mid twenties to low thirties. One draw back is it was a dry summer for most of July and August. Then in August there were a couple … Continue reading

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To Move or Stay

Have you ever been undecided about doing something ? Yet deep down inside you knew that you wanted to do it. When I was working downtown I would sometimes look through house listings during my break, when a paper was on … Continue reading

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For the last two years of working I was looking forward to retiring and was getting tired of getting up at five thirty am. I gradually cut my week down to three days and joined an art group in my … Continue reading

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Spring garden

The temperature finally came up above zero for a few days with one day of eighteen degrees which was only a teaser. Now it is snowy and dismal again and the forecast for the next week doesn’t look very promising. … Continue reading

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Word painting

I have found that I like to paint pictures with words which can be difficult at times. Sometimes it helps to close your eyes for a minute and mentally think about the description you want to write. The picture forms in … Continue reading

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on writting

There is a love hate relationship with writing. There are times when I will do just about everything but write but  writing it is also a compulsion. It is not a want to most times but a have to. It … Continue reading

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