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New Family Member

To anyone who doesn’t know who I am I am Patches the cat. A few months ago we lost Morris an orange and white cat. The human has been sad for a long time. I miss him as well. Well, … Continue reading

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When I started writing

I had an active imagination ever since I was little. I would dream up all kinds of things. I could imagine myself in many different locations and situations but I never wrote anything down but did make up all kinds … Continue reading

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After the flood

This is an acrylic painting I did just after the Alberta flood. That spring my daughter and her friends had camped out in my living room when they were told to evacuate. When they left their place they just barely … Continue reading

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The Masked Raider, Part one

The sun peaked through the loft window creating a rainbow on the ivy wallpaper above the white metal bed. Heidi and Angel cuddled under the colorful crazy quilt as birds sang in the nearby apple tree. A robin hopped onto … Continue reading

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Shattered Glass, Part two

A dog barking in the distance brought her mind back to the present. With a sigh she closed her suitcases, overnight case and picked up her shoulder bag and headed towards the stairs. There was a bus leaving in two hours. It would … Continue reading

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Writers Helper

Have you ever struggled with finding the right emotions for your characters? I found three books that help with this problem. They are written by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. both of these authors have published other books. They got … Continue reading

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cat in book

When I was looking for a cat to model my book cat, Pumpkin, from I looked no further than my own cat Morris. The idea of the cat in Bess’s Magical Garden came from the time my oldest daughter adopted … Continue reading

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Cat in Bess’s Magical Garden

My cat Morris was part of my inspiration for Pumpkin Bess’s cat in Bess’s Magical Garden. Pumpkin is a combination of Morris and Goofy a cat my oldest daughter adopted when we were renovating our small bungalow. Goofy was a … Continue reading

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Road Trip

The old farm house I grew up in wasn’t very big which makes me wonder how we all fit inside. The main floor consisted of a spacious kitchen and living room. In the early years the upstairs consisted of a … Continue reading

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Dear Sixteen

How are you doing? Have you accomplished the things you set out to do? You were so innocent and naïve. Have you learned to identify the difference between your dreams and the reality in the world you were unfamiliar with. … Continue reading

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