Our summer was a warm one for a change with temperatures in the mid twenties to low thirties. One draw back is it was a dry summer for most of July and August. Then in August there were a couple of rain and hailstorms. All of this came to a sudden halt early in Sept. The weather turned cold and there was the threat of frost. Then it started to rain which quickly turned into snow. The trees were still green and the snow was full of moisture which bent tree branches. A lot of trees suffered broken limbs and some folks were out of power for a few days. The trees in my back yard were bent over forming a canopy in the back yard.

Now the weather is back in the mid twenties and the snow storm is a distant memory, at least here. North of us the snow was much worse and hung around for a few days. Emergency crews were out in full force trying to clean up the mess. After being hit with an early blast of winter the trees have started to change color early. The leaves are falling off the trees almost as soon as they change color.

Only in Alberta can you experience winter conditions one week and the next week go right back into summer weather.


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